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Always fill out as many sections of this book as you feel necessary.
Information is always useful to a physician.

The purpose of this book is to allow the patient, when challenged with medical illness and a language barrier, to accurately explain his illness to a foreign physician. The medical information is based on the concepts of "pertinent positives and negatives." The format of the book is one of "yes" answers. By choosing only the "yes" answers, the "pertinent positives" and "pertinent negatives" to a medical history are provided to the treating physician.

The book is structured in such a fashion as to provide this information without a two-way conversation in a foreign language. This text is not a substitute for a medical translator. The treating physician will be the only person who can fully determine if he/she has adequate information regarding your care. Much of the decision to obtain a translator will be based upon the information provided, your physical exam, and any tests performed. This complex decision process will allow better decisions to be made.

It is my firm hope that you will not need this book during your travels. However, if you do, it should provide you with the ability to communicate important, albeit limitied, information to those providing healthcare.

Reviewing the guidelines prior to your departure will help provide important medical information to your physician.

Gathering and recording this information will assure that it is readily available when and if you need it during a medical emergency. You will not be able to collect this data while abroad. Now is the time to think about the guidelines and to obtain any other medical information that you think might be pertinent.

Review all the sections of this book and become familiar with the layout and the contents. Be sure you understand how the text works and what it can (and cannot) do for you while traveling.

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