About Caduceus International, LLC

Caduceus International, LLC is a medical publishing house directed at physician authors with unique ideas. Caduceus International, LLC identifies those ideas and authors that have unique potential in medicine. A primary focus of Caduceus International has been the development of the Globetrotter's Pocket Doc series.

The Globetrotter's Pocket Doc series is directed at improving communication between patient and physician when a language barrier and medical conditions coexist. The series is not meant to provide medical advice but enhances the patient's ability to effectively communicate information to foreign healthcare professionals.

Another product is the International Medical Communications series. This product assists English speaking physicians is assessing the healthcare needs of non-English speaking travelers or residents in the United States. It is available to all licensed physicians in the United States as well as hospital and clinics.

Caduceus International, LLC donates 20 % of profits to medical education or research. Applications are reviewed on an annual basis by the officers of Caduceus International, LLC for merit and need. Such endeavors may include, but are not restricted to, direct medical education assistance, research and funding of a Chair at Medical Colleges internationally.

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