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Globetrotter's Pocket Doc is the only English international medical communication book for travelers to foreign countries.

In the Globetrotter's Pocket Doc, vital medical facts regarding acute, major, and minor medical problems are provided in lay language with translations. The book is currently available in French, Spanish, and Italian editions.

In addition to covering a large range of medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries, the book includes:

  • a broad list of prescription and non-prescription drugs with their generic names, dosage, and translation
  • charts, scales, and anatomic diagrams
  • essential medical history forms.

ISBN (French version): 0-9718056-4-4
Library of Congress Control Number: 2002090856
Price: $19.95

Book Reviews (French version)

Globetrotter's Pocket Doc: A Medical Translation Handbook For Travelers, English/French Edition is an international, English-language, medical communication book written especially for travelers to foreign countries. It is not a standard book; instead, it features lists of medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries, in English and in French, that any English-speaking traveler can point to and immediately inform a French-speaking doctor his or her ailments. A superb communication tool, and an absolute must for travelers with chronic medical conditions. In addition to lists of symptoms, a quite lengthy bilingual assortment of prescription and non-prescription drug names, charts, scales, anatomic diagrams, medical history forms and more round out this first-rate communication tool that just might save a life.

- Midwest Book Reviews


"As a mother and a nurse, I would recommend that every family, frequent business traveler, and ANY individual with chronic medical problems use this book on ALL trips abroad." - Judith Smith, RN

"It is very thorough and easy to understand. It is also a quick and efficient way to get the information across to the doctor." - Carol Schrader, RN

"With the increasing age of our country, rapidly advancing diagnostic techniques, increasing data supporting the necessity of rapid intervention for many major illnesses such as stroke, myocardial infarct, and gastrointestinal bleeding, the medical history is even more important than in the past. Universally, language barriers impede the transfer of this information. This text provides an important communications tool that improves the opportunity for patient access to medical care while abroad." - Wallace N Jensen, MD MACP

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